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April 15, 2011

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Understanding the Business Side of Optometric Practice


With Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO
Vice President of Customer Development, Essilor

The Management and Business Academy™ (MBA) was created in 2005 by CIBA VISION® and Essilor to provide independent optometrists with much-needed business-building tools. In this video, Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO, vice president of customer development at Essilor, discusses the goals of the MBA program and its unique metrics-based methods for benchmarking and improving the performance of an optometric practice.


How Does Your Practice Compare?


Dry Eye Therapy and Hard-to-Fit Contacts are the Most Prevalent Optometric Specializations

Fully 73 percent of established optometric practices and 67 percent of new practices specialize in dry eye therapy. Hard-to-fit contact lenses are a specialty of 70 percent of established practices and 58 percent of new practices. Very few optometric practices specialize in low vision or sports vision. READ MORE»

Market Facts


Half of Contact Lens Wearers Start Before Age 19

A 2010 Jobson Optical Research survey among contact lens wearers indicates that 51 percent started wearing contact lens while 18 years of age or younger. Just 10 percent of current wearers began using contacts when over 35 years of age. Over the longer term, more contact lens users are starting wear under 15 years of age. READ MORE»

Spotlight on...

Best Practices of Spectacle Lens best practicesManagement

Optical dispensary space communicates practice interest in dispensing eyewear.

One reason patients choose to take their prescription elsewhere to be filled is that they perceive that a practice does not specialize in dispensing eyeglasses and has a limited selection of frames. This message is unintentionally conveyed when the amount of space devoted to the dispensary is small.
It’s easy for ECPs to overlook the fact that down the street from the practice there is an optical superstore that devotes 3,000 square feet to a sophisticated display of eyeglasses. Most patients have browsed these superstores and know about the range of choice available. When patients unconsciously compare the small space in a practice devoted to the dispensary with what they have seen in the superstores, they are tempted to delay purchase and shop around. READ MORE»